How to Care for Strawberry Plants in Containers


Fresh-grown strawberries taste even sweeter when you can pick them from plants grown in your own garden. But strawberry plants have a tendency to spread and take over the area, so they may not be suitable for gardens with limited space. You don't have to give up on home-grown strawberries; they adapt well to container growing and can make an attractive and tasty addition to your patio. Container-grown strawberries may also thrive in a sunny window, allowing you a year-round harvest.

Step 1

Choose your container. Your local nursery or garden center may carry pots or bags made specifically for strawberries. You can also use any planter that is at least 8 inches deep with good drainage.

Step 2

Choose your strawberry variety. Most strawberries adjust well to container growing, so you can plant any strawberries that grow in your zone.

Step 3

Fill your container with potting mix. Plant your strawberry seedlings deep enough that the first leaves are even with the soil surface.

Step 4

Smooth the soil around your strawberry plants and give them a good watering after you plant them.

Step 5

Keep to a regular watering schedule to keep the soil in the strawberry container moist but not soggy.

Step 6

Fertilize your strawberries once a month with a good flower or vegetable fertilizer. An ideal fertilizer is 1:2:1.

Step 7

Monitor your strawberries daily for slugs if you're placing them on the ground instead of in hanging baskets. Copper tubing or copper strips around the outside rim can help deter slugs.

Step 8

Cover your strawberries with fine mesh netting if birds begin to eat the berries.

Things You'll Need

  • Strawberry container
  • Strawberry seedlings
  • Potting mix
  • Fertilizer, 1:2:1
  • Copper tubing or copper strips
  • Fine mesh netting


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