Plants for the Greenhouse

For the serious gardener, a greenhouse can seem like heaven, especially if the surrounding climate prevents any gardens to thrive. Common greenhouse plants can be seasonal as well as year-round, depending on the plants you choose or your region. Greenhouses provide heat and humidity, and tropical plants flourish in these conditions.


This plant grows best in low light, humidity and heat, reminiscent of its ideal jungle home underneath large trees in the tropics. A greenhouse provides just this, and the ferns can grow cleanly in humidity trays while regularly misted with a spray bottle. Their foliage provides texture, varying shades of green and large leaves to create a more varied greenhouse environment. Common fern varieties in greenhouses include maidenhair, staghorn and Boston.


Native to South America, southern Asia and Africa, this large flower adds color and pleasant fragrance to a greenhouse and grows in many varieties. The foliage ranges from large to small leaves, with a waxy to hairy texture. The jagged large leaves provide a little shade for the delicate flowers, but the plant itself thrives year-round in full shade, except for the tuberous variety. Colors range from white, yellow, purple, red, pink and orange.


The largest family of flowering plants, orchids thrive in few locations, especially in the wild. As delicate and temperamental flowers, a greenhouse ensures proper growth, protection and the ultimate environment for the beautiful specimen. Planted in humidity trays, tropical orchids grow to be the biggest and most colorful out of the varieties. Common greenhouse orchids include the Cattleya, Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium.


Native to South America, Calathea flowers have dark green leaves and unusually shaped flowers that range from a beehive to rattlesnake tail formations. Calathea plants spread through rhizomes and thrive in heat and humidity with well-drained soil. They cannot be in direct sunlight.

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