How to Care for Angel Begonias


Angel wing begonia is an indoor hybrid plant with big, colorful, speckled leaves that look much like wings atop thick, juicy stems. Angel wing begonia blooms take the form of delicate, pale pink flowers that dangle from the stems. Angel wing begonias aren't fussy, and will thrive with proper levels of sunlight and moisture.

Step 1

Plant angel wing begonia in a sturdy container with bottom drainage. Fill the container with commercial potting soil for African violets.

Step 2

Place angel wing begonia in bright, but indirect sunlight such as a window that receives bright morning light, or a window with a sheer curtain. Avoid direct afternoon sunlight.

Step 3

Water angel wing begonia when the top of the soil feels almost dry, using room-temperature water. Never allow the soil to become bone dry, and don't allow the bottom of the container to stand in water.

Step 4

Feed angel wing begonia a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer at every other watering during the growing season. Don't fertilize the plant during fall and winter, or when the plant is actively blooming.

Step 5

Pinch the tips of angel wing begonia so the plant will grow bushy instead of tall and spindly. When the plant is as bushy as you like, stop pinching the tips, or pinch only as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Sturdy container with bottom drainage
  • Commercial potting soil for African violets
  • Water-soluble fertilizer for houseplants


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