How to Plant Green Pepper Seeds


Pepper seeds require warm soil temperatures to germinate. Small peat pot trays are best for starting the pepper seeds. The peat pot trays, after planting, can be placed onto flat metal trays and kept in a warm area. Once the peppers have emerged from the potting soil, the young plants will thrive in full sun. The seeds should be started in the late winter, six to eight weeks prior to the last frost.

Step 1

Use peat pot trays that contain 10 or 12 small pots per tray. These peat pot trays are square, and each pot is 1¼ inches square by approximately 2 inches deep.

Step 2

Fill the small peat pots three-fourths full with a good rich potting soil.

Step 3

Place the peat pot tray onto a larger metal tray for easier handling.

Step 4

Set one green pepper seed in the center of each peat pot.

Step 5

Cover the seed with 1/8 inch to ¼ inch of the potting soil.

Step 6

Water the seeds in the potting soil. If a seed appears above the soil after watering, poke it back under with your fingertip.

Step 7

Place a piece of clear plastic food wrap over the peat pot tray. The plastic will retain moisture in the peat pot soil mixture while the green pepper seeds germinate.

Step 8

Set the metal tray in a warm location, between 70 and 80 degrees F. Exposure to sunlight is not necessary at this time, only warm, moist conditions.

Step 9

Remove the plastic wrap after the green pepper seeds have broken the surface of the potting soil, typically seven to 12 days depending on the warm conditions. Place the metal tray in full sun. Keep the new plants warm and well watered.

Things You'll Need

  • Peat pot trays
  • Potting soil
  • Metal tray
  • Green pepper seeds
  • Water
  • Plastic food wrap
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