Yard Landscaping Ideas & Tips

Landscaping your yard will help improve your home's value and add curb appeal. Start by finding a general focal point for your yard that you currently have. This could be a large tree or deck. Accentuate that area with landscaping to create the look you want. You don't have to pay a contractor or landscaping company to design and do the work. Within a weekend or two and a budget that you can live with, you will have a yard that you will be proud to call your own.

Flower Beds

One way to add color and style to your yard is to add flowers and flower beds. Flower beds can be designed into any shape you want. If you prefer a traditional border with a straight edge, just use a chalk line to create your square border. Make your flower bed wind around trees or other focal points and jot out to create a more asymmetrical look. After you have your design figured out, till or turn up the soil to prepare for the plants. Don't be afraid to intertwine perennials with flowering annuals and seeds. Add borders to your garden with stones or layered bricks. Popular perennials include sun-loving roses, Shasta daisies and lavender. Shade-loving perennials such as Astilbe and Hostas make great border and accent plants in any flower bed. Seeds such as cosmos can add a splash of bright color for the summer and fall seasons. Annuals such as impatiens will add color and fullness all summer long. Fill in empty spaces with garden decor such as gazing balls, bird baths and garden statues. When plants get taller, simply move the decor to another location.

Water Elements

Many types of water elements can create a striking focal point for your garden. First choose what type of water element you would like to implement. Popular varieties include large fountains, waterfalls, garden ponds and water statues. If adding more than one, begin the landscape process with the largest element such as a waterfall. Make sure you place it in a well-leveled out and cleared out location that does not disrupt the view of the house. Most elements also benefit from having plants, mulch and borders surrounding the water element. Do not choose plants that will grow tall or overshadow the water feature. Choose low-lying accent plants that adapt well to being in a moist environment such as pickerel weed, lotus, lilies and sweet flag. Add small water accents nearby such as water fountains and water holes. Intertwine the water garden by creating a stone path that winds around each element. Accent with a bench or chair.

Yard Decor

Yard decor can become a focal point in landscaping or can become part of the landscaping itself. Picket fencing can provide a backdrop for tall garden flowers such as snapdragons and hollyhocks. Adding birdhouses and homemade wreaths to the fence can create a country backdrop for one area of the yard. Decorative solar lighting can create a pathway for dark evening strolls. Trellises, arbors and gates add focal points that accentuate old-fashioned perennials such as climbing plants and other plants that need support. Keep your yard decor within the same theme. Examples include rustic, contemporary, whimsical and classic.

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