Growing Cypress Trees


Cypress trees, including red cypress, southern cypress and bald cypress, often grow as tall as 120 feet. Their soft leaves resemble fine needles. These deciduous conifers produce seeds in cones. They also reproduce by forming sprouts near the trunks of cut or damaged trees. In addition to their majestic appearance, cypress trees provide food for wildlife and assist in erosion control in flooded areas. Enhance your yard by planting these trees in damp areas of your landscape.

Step 1

Select a suitable location for growing your cypress trees. Find a sunny area to ensure adequate light exposure. Choose a location that stays moist and retains water after a rainfall. These trees require ample moisture, especially during the early stages of growth. Avoid areas of your landscape that remain submerged for more than one month at a time.

Step 2

Dig a test hole in your chosen location to check for water beneath the surface. Avoid planting a cypress tree in a hole that remains dry a few feet below the surface of the soil. Cypress trees suffer in dry soils. Select a moist area near the edge of a pond or waterway to ensure an adequate balance of soil moisture.

Step 3

Measure the space between your trees to ensure adequate room for maturing trees. Space your trees between 8 and 10 feet apart. Make the holes deep enough to place the root collar level with the surface of the soil. Avoid crowding the roots during planting. Pack the soil firmly around the roots of your seedlings.

Step 4

Remove all weeds from the planting area. Pull out all weeds during the first two years after planting your cypress trees. These weeds pull the available nutrients away from the roots of your young trees. Tall weeds block the sun and stunt the growth of cypress trees.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Tape measure


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