How to Maintain a Soaker Hose


Using soaker hoses is an efficient way to water plants in your garden. They look like regular black garden hoses, but water seeps out the sides of the hose rather than out one end. While soaker hoses save water when used in gardens and beds, they are not useful for lawns. They can be hidden under mulch, which keeps your garden looking tidy and your hose lasting longer. Soaker hoses need regular maintenance to keep working correctly.

Step 1

Unscrew the end caps of your soaker hose, and flush out debris or sediment that has accumulated in the hose. Do this once or twice a year.

Step 2

Replace the caps, and run water into your soaker hose. Walk the length of your hose to make sure water is flowing out the soaker holes and not from anywhere else. If your soaker hose has a leak, you could be flooding your plants and wasting water without knowing it.

Step 3

Cover your soaker hose with 2 inches of mulch. This will keep it out of the sun, so it will deteriorate less quickly.

Step 4

Inform anyone who works in the garden that soaker hoses are buried under the mulch. This will prevent damage from hoes, shovels and other garden tools.

Step 5

Plug the open end of your soaker hose when you remove it from the faucet, using duct tape or an end cap. This will prevent dirt and insects from getting into your hose.

Things You'll Need

  • Water spigot
  • Mulch
  • Garden rake
  • Duct tape or hose end caps


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