How to Use Bleach for a Weed Killer


If you own a washing machine, chances are that you also own a bottle of bleach. Bleach has a longstanding reputation for removing stains from white garments, but it also can be used as a herbicide to kill unwanted grass and weeds from your yard. The bleach will dissipate from the surrounding soil in a few days, which will allow you plant desirable plants in the location soon after killing the weeds. Few items are needed to use bleach as a weed killer.

Step 1

Fill up a spray bottle with undiluted bleach. Spray bottles can be located at most garden centers and are typically sold as plant misting bottles.

Step 2

Spray the bleach on the plants you wish to kill. Spray enough on the plants so that they are wet, but not dripping.

Step 3

Repeat the application two or three days later to any plants that have not completely died.

Step 4

Pull the weeds out from the ground after they have died. Their root systems should have sufficiently shriveled up to promote easy removal.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not mix bleach with any other household chemicals. Mixing bleach with other chemicals can release toxic gases.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Undiluted bleach


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