How to Grow Crown of Thorns House Plant


The crown of thorns plant is a Euphoria milli that originated in Madagascar. The succulent plant will grow flowers all year. The bright green leaves grow on a long, thin, thorny stem that will continue to grow upward, while the bottom leaves fall off, leaving a bare stem. The crown of thorns is an easy plant to grow indoors and requires minimum care to blossom with yellow, white, red or pink flowers that last for a few weeks.

Step 1

Plant the crown of thorns in a medium that drains fast and does not hold excess water. Cactus potting soil will work the best for this succulent plant.

Step 2

Fertilize the plant with a water-soluble fertilizer that is balanced with nitrogen, phosphates and potassium, such as a cacti formula that is 5-10-5. Fertilize the plant every two weeks from spring to fall. Do not fertilize in the winter months.

Step 3

Place the plant in a dry place with moderate to very little humidity. The succulent does not need the humidity that other houseplants do. The best temperature for the crown of thorns is 60 to 75 degrees F in spring, summer and fall and 55 degrees F during the winter months.

Step 4

Water the plant when the first inch of soil is dry. Add enough water to make the soil wet. The plant needs less water in the winter, when it is resting.

Step 5

Keep the plant in a window with full sun or bright light. The succulent needs the bright sun or a bright light to promote flowering. A south or west window works the best.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Cactus soil


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