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Having a healthy green lawn doesn't have to take a lot of time and extra work. In fact, by following these simple lawn care tips you'll find yourself with a much more beautiful yard without having done hardly any work.

Grow Longer Grass

Many people think lawn care means hard work, and they don't realize they actually make more work for themselves than is needed. Cutting your grass really short each time you mow for example, can cause the grass to grow back even faster than before because the grass blades are too short for the plants to soak in enough sunlight to keep them healthy. So while you may think cutting the grass really short will reduce the number of times you have to mow, you'll find yourself in a constant battle to keep it both short and healthy looking. The best approach is to let your lawn grow a bit. Leaving the grass about three to four inches high allows it to easily soak up the vitamins and nutrients it needs from the sun, and this in turn keeps it healthier. Healthier grass needs much less weeding, watering, fertilizing and pest control so you won't have to spend nearly as much time and energy maintaining a beautiful lawn.

Water Sporadically

If you think grass should be watered a little every day or two you're setting yourself up for more work than is needed, and you're training your grass to grow in unhealthy ways. Frequent and regular watering encourages weed seeds to grow while at the same time encouraging grass roots to stay near the surface of the soil because that's where the water is. Shallow roots in your lawn grass causes unsightly clumping and makes the grass more prone to disease, pests and problems because the roots aren't strong. Watering on an infrequent or sporadic schedule helps the grass learn to dig its roots down deep into the soil to access water. When you do water the lawn, be sure to run your sprinklers or soaker hoses long enough for the water to sink down into the soil at least one inch. This continues to encourage the grass to grow deep roots, and will allow it to be stronger, healthier and greener throughout the growing season.

Leave Clippings In Place

When you mow the lawn, leave the grass clippings in place where they fall. Raking them all up and throwing them away is a waste of vital nutrients and minerals the growing lawn needs to stay healthy and green. By leaving the grass clippings in place each time you mow, they'll help shade the newly shorn grass so that it won't burn easily on hot summer days and those clippings can compost in place and add nutrients to the soil.

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