How to Choose the Right Flowering Tree


If you have visited the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., when the cherry trees are in full bloom you can appreciate the value of flowering trees in the landscape. They provide beauty, color, texture and sometimes fragrance to the garden. There are so many sizes, shapes and varieties of flowering trees available to be grown in the residential landscape, it can be confusing to try to narrow down the choices. There are, however, some basic considerations that will help you choose.

Step 1

Consider the climate where you live. Some flowering trees, such as the Siberian crabapple, do well in cooler climates while others, such as the mimosa tree, are frost and cold intolerant and need to be grown in warmer regions.

Step 2

Determine the size of tree that is best for your garden. Smaller gardens will, of course, require smaller trees whereas a large expanse of yard is perfect for the magnolia tree. Rose trees and Tonto crape myrtles do well in small, tight locations.

Step 3

Choose the color of flowers that you want and decide if you desire fragrance. Popular choices include the royal empress, with its fragrant purple blooms, and the dogwood tree, which is covered with pink blooms in the spring.

Step 4

Consider the care requirements of the trees available in your area. If you live in a desert climate where water resources are scarce, you may want to consider a drought-tolerant tree such as sweet acacia. Consider as well how often the tree will need to be pruned and any other maintenance required, and how that fits into your schedule.


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