How to Plant Rows of Pole Beans So the Sun Can Get Through


Planting pole beans allows the gardener to harvest more beans in the same amount of space than it would take to grow bush beans. In fact, according to agriculturists at Cornell University, pole bean plants yield two to three times more beans than bush bean plants. Bean plants require lots of sunshine in order to produce. Planting the pole beans the proper distance away from one another, in rows spaced appropriately, will allow each plant to get a full day of sun.

Step 1

Form a mound of soil, 4 inches high, for each 4 bean seeds that you are planting. Use the tape measure to ensure that each mound is 30 inches away from the next.

Step 2

Space the rows 36 inches apart. If the plants are spaced any closer, the sun will not get through, so use the tape measure to ensure accuracy.

Step 3

Insert one pole into each mound, pushing it 6 inches into the soil.

Step 4

Push the seeds 1 inch into the mounds, four seeds to a mound. Space them evenly around the pole.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • 6- to 8-foot-tall bean poles
  • Pole bean seeds


  • Cornell University: Pole Beans
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