The Best Scented Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only bring a splash of color and nature to a household, but can also provide a pleasant fragrance. It eliminates the need for an artificial air freshener while bringing the outdoors inside--a boon for those who love gardening. Consider varieties of indoor plants that are not only very aromatic, but also do not require a lot of maintenance or care.


Hyacinth is mostly known as an outdoor flower, but the bulbs can also bloom with royal blue flowers indoors in plant pots. This aromatic indoor plant will only bloom and be scented from spring to fall. The following year you must buy a new plant or bulbs. The key to growing hyacinth indoors is to keep the pot in the refrigerator for about three months to simulate the dormant season, before bringing the pot out to a warmer location.

Arabian/Pink Jasmine

Arabian, or pink, jasmine is an evergreen vine that is a member of the olive family. It can grow indoors as an aromatic houseplant, with a sweet aroma. It can be planted in a pot with a small trellis or in a hanging basket, blooming in colors ranging from pink and blue to white, with shiny dark green leaves. Jasmine needs high humidity, warm temperatures and full sunlight. Jasmine will bloom year-round and provides constant fragrance.


Gardenias are delicate, aromatic and beautiful, which make sense why they are a popular pick for wedding bouquets. They can grow large in a pot, up to five feet tall, so they need a sufficient amount of space in a sunny area. The large white flowers are extremely fragrant, and it is common that an average-size house will constantly smell of gardenias from just a couple of pots. They only bloom from late spring to summer, and need humidity or moist conditions with lots of water.

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