Hanging Plant Container Ideas

Hanging planters can transform a bare balcony, porch or patio into a lush, flowering retreat in just a few easy steps. Although there are many hanging planters available for purchase, you can express your own creativity and sense of design by utilizing some unexpected materials to showcase your summer flora. All planters must have the basics of drainage and soil retention but with just a little planning you can create a hanging plant display that will have the neighbors green with envy.


A metal strainer is the choice for a one-of-a-kind hanging planter. Choose a strainer with medium to small holes and a color that complements your home's exterior or outdoor furniture. Use the strainer handles to attach a chain and hook and fill the bottom with a little Spanish moss or peat moss to hold in soil and give plant roots stability. Fill with plants that drape down over the lip of the strainer such as strawberry plants, ferns or Calibrachoa or also known as "Million Bells."

Milk Pails

Turn a plain porch into a nostalgic outdoor living space with milk pails. Usually found in white enamel with blue or red trim, a hole drilled in the bottom of these pails will create the necessary drainage needed to make it a great summer home for hanging plants. Hang a chain from the pails handle or hook the handle to an "S" hook directly from the top of a porch. Pot up colorful Scaevola in a set of three milk pails for a coordinated look.

Produce Sacks

Recycle old red nylon onion and potato sacks by filling them with summer flowers. Line the sacks with Spanish moss to get started, then fill with purple or pink petunias and hang from the provided red cord from "C" hooks. You can also take advantage of the holes in the produce sack by planting flowers in layers in the bag allowing flowering stems to poke through bag to create an oblong hanging planter.


Create a dramatic entrance that visitors will remember with old boots, tennis shoes and vintage footwear. Fill old shoes with a small garbage bag and rocks for drainage and then place small hanging flowers to cascade out from behind laces and under tongues. Use the laces or lace holes to hang the planter from a post or hook on a porch ceiling. Mix styles of footwear in a hanging display to add more interest.

Old Wood Swing

Find an old wood swing at a garage sale or make one out of weathered wood planks and traditional rope twine. Drill holes in the seat to fit the small pots you want to fill with plants. Place the pots in the drilled holes and fill each container with flowers like Sutera or licorice vine. Hang from "S" hooks along a porch for a nostalgic country look.

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