Walkway Landscaping Ideas

Walkways offer many different design applications in landscaping. Whether formal or meandering, leading to the front door or through a garden, they provide an experience that can complement the theme of your yard. The garden walkway gives you the opportunity to create a stunning entrance, a sensuous feast or a path through nature.


A graceful archway over the path has both a classic look and useful purposes. It creates a doorway that can frame features of your home or landscape. The archway provides structure and height to support climbing plants. You can make it playful, practical or romantic to suite your yard and needs. An entrance-framing archway covered in flowers greets visitors to your home. Clematis and climbing roses work wonderfully. Look for scented varieties that bloom prolifically. Some choices include Sweet Autumn clematis and America or Don Juan climbing roses. A walkway that leads to a garden can provide a transition to the different space with an archway. Use edible annuals that will quickly clamber over the arch, such as scarlet runner beans. The flowers attract beneficial insects and hummingbirds, as well as edible beans.


Please the senses with a variety of scented, flowering and foliage plants. Line the walkways with beds filled with variety. Lavender varieties, mints, lily-of-the-valley and lemon balm perfume the air as you pass. Flowers with bright colors and different textures provide appeal for the eyes. Include miniature roses for their soft petals, Echinacea varieties for the prickly cones, dianthus for bunches of bright color and baby's breath for an airy profusion of white flowers. Foliage plants, such as Lamb's Ear, Silver Mound Artemisia, sedums and ferns, provide for your sense of touch. Include colorful sedums: Dragon's Blood has purplish leaves with dark red flowers, Autumn Joy blooms in showy pinks to rust-colored reds and Vera Jameson's pink flowers adorn bluish, deep red foliage.


A walkway of scattered stepping-stones surrounded by an assortment of plants creates a natural feel. Plant low-growing, spreading herbs between the stones. Woolly time, lemon thyme and Roman chamomile have attractive foliage and flowers. Border the walkway with beds overflowing with blooms. Vary the height of the flowers, placing lower growing species along the bed and graduating to taller plants. Choices to use include varieties of columbine, yarrow, geraniums, liatris, lupine and primrose. Use a variety of color to create a wildflower-meadow look. Intersperse tall ornamental grasses throughout the bed, like plume grass, to give contrast.

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