Common City Trees

While many people think cities are nothing but concrete jungles, there are quite a few trees that thrive in urban environments. Common city trees, otherwise known as "street trees," include flowering and fruiting trees and range in size from great to small.

Flowering Trees

Common flowering trees in cities include redbuds and magnolias. These trees tend to be smaller in size and often flower in early to mid-spring. Redbuds are often planted in cities not only for their flowering beauty, but because they are good for tight spaces, particularly under power lines. Magnolias usually flower in mid-spring before leafing out.

Small Trees

Ginkos are one of the most common city trees. Although they are native to China, they are commonly grown all over the United States. They tolerate a variety of growing conditions and are susceptible to no known pests or diseases. They are distinguished by their rounded leaves and small yellow fruits that fall from the female tree in the fall.

Large Trees

Popular trees in the larger category include a variety of oaks and tulip trees. Some oaks can grow up to 100 feet tall. Tulip trees flower in late spring are are very common street trees. In New York City, the most common large trees are London plane trees and Norway maples.

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