How to Make Aloe Bloom


Fully mature aloe vera plants (usually established for at least four years) will produce a thick, tall stalk that blooms bright coral flowers on the end during growing season. Advantages to these blooms are that they produce a hummingbird-attracting nectar and look very pretty. To encourage your aloe to bloom, the best thing to do is to provide top care for the plant or properly establish the aloe at a young age to ensure future blooming.

Step 1

Establish your aloe vera plant in fast-draining soil. Keep in mind that aloe roots grow outward, so plant the aloe in a wide pot with drainage holes.

Step 2

Keep the plant in a sunny window if conditions aren't suitable outdoors. Aloe needs a lot of light to bloom when it is mature and to grow a strong stalk.

Step 3

Do not over-water the aloe, since the plant thrives in arid conditions and too much water kills it. Before watering the aloe, feel the top couple inches of the soil to make sure it is completely dry before you soak it, each time you water.

Step 4

Fertilize the aloe vera plant every spring growing season with a diluted bloom fertilizer. This can be found at your local gardening store or nursery.

Things You'll Need

  • Fast-draining soil
  • Wide pot with drainage holes
  • Bloom fertilizer


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