How to Grow a Nice Lawn With Spruce Trees Around it


Planting lawn under a spruce tree can prove frustrating or impossible for homeowners. However, there are ways to blend the beauty and classic shape of a spruce tree with a lush, green lawn by planting around the tree instead of under it. The spruce tree drops an abundance of needles throughout the year, which makes the soil under the tree acidic. The area is also heavily shaded. Both conditions are difficult to grow grass in. Planting around the spruce tree will produce a lush lawn and the tree will blend into the surroundings.

Step 1

Edge around the base of the spruce tree using an electric or gas edger. Make the edge even with the tips of the tree's lower branches. Place edging material around the newly edged area using plastic edging, bricks or rocks. Plant grass to the edging but not under the spruce tree.

Step 2

Apply bark mulch, recycled plastic mulch or decorative rocks under the spruce tree. Apply the mulch completely under the tree and to the edging material beside the grass.

Step 3

Water the grass area close to the spruce tree and the edging more abundantly than other areas of the lawn because the spruce tree will often suck up the water faster and this can make the lawn near the edging brown or less colorful than other areas of the lawn.

Step 4

Fertilize the lawn near the spruce tree and the edging more abundantly than other areas of the lawn. The spruce tree enjoys fertilizer applications and will often rob the grass near it of valuable nutrients such as nitrogen; compensate in this area by adding more fertilizer to the lawn near the spruce tree and also fertilize the spruce tree at the same time. Use a balanced fertilizer mixture such as 12-12-12 and water thoroughly after application.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch--bark chips, pebbles or recycled plastic.
  • 12-12-12 fertilizer
  • Edger
  • Edging such as bricks, stones or plastic.


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Who Can Help

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