How to Water Virginia Bluebells


The dainty Virginia bluebell (mertensia virginica) provides an ideal companion plant for any hostas you have growing in a shady garden spot. While Virginia bluebells will fill your garden areas with beautiful blue blossoms during the spring season, they tend to die back unattractively after blooming. This is when your hosta plants can fill in to cover the bluebell foliage while it fades. Water Virginia bluebells diligently during their blooming phase and then quit watering once the bluebells fade.

Step 1

Provide water to keep the soil around the Virginia bluebells generously moist during the weeks leading up to blossoming. Do not allow the soil to dry out, yet do not water so profusely that you create puddles.

Step 2

Reduce the watering frequency and amount once the Virginia bluebells begin to blossom. Allow the soil to dry slightly between watering and keep the soil slightly dryer than in the weeks leading up to blossoming.

Step 3

Suspend supplemental watering after the Virginia bluebells finish blossoming for the season. During this phase of the growing season, Virginia bluebells are undergoing a process of metabolic change during which they do not require supplemental moisture.

Tips and Warnings

  • Take care not to over-water Virginia bluebells because this can lead to disease and death of the plants.


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