Types of Wave Petunias

First introduced in 1995, wave petunias are a unique type of annual flower that can spread up to 4 feet wide and bloom up until the first fall frost. Wave petunias don't require deadheading of the spent blossoms like other petunias, re-blooming for months on their own. Wave petunias are easy to grow and versatile. You can plant them in annual flower beds, containers or hanging baskets--just as long as you give them at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. There are four types of wave petunias, including the original wave, easy wave, tidal wave and double wave.

Original Wave Petunias

The original wave petunias can spread up to 4 feet in a single season and have blossoms growing along the entire length of each stem. These wave petunias create a dense, lush bed of flowers with tons of blooms. Original wave petunias grow closer to the ground, reaching a height of only about 4 to 6 inches. The most common flower color choices for original wave petunias are lilac, purple, pink and rose.

Easy Wave Petunias

Easy wave petunias stay smaller and spread to 3 feet or less. Instead of the spreading habit of the original variety, easy wave petunias tend to mound upward, usually to a height of about 1 foot, and tend to grow up and outward from the center, creating a more rounded, ball-like shape. Easy wave petunias are also extremely low-maintenance and bloom readily with little care. They come in colors of white, pink, salmon, red and blue.

Tidal Wave Petunias

Tidal wave petunias are best for creating low hedges or taller ground covers and have a vine-like growth habit. They reach about 3 feet in height and width. You may need to provide a plant support for these petunias, but tidal waves can usually withstand heavier rainfall without falling down and open. The tallest-growing of the wave petunias, tidal wave varieties commonly come in colors of silver, hot pink, cherry and purple.

Double Wave Petunias

Vigorously growing and blooming, double wave petunias produce double blooms in abundance. You can plant double waves in containers or as a flower bed in your yard. Double wave petunias fill in quickly and create a profusion of carnation-like blooms. These wave petunias have "frilly," bright-colored flowers and dark leaves.

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