Landscape Timber Projects

Landscape timbers are versatile building materials for a variety of outdoor projects. Build anything from a garden bench to a wishing well from these chunky strips of wood. Landscape timbers are both insect and mildew resistant and they hold up well in the elements. Open your imagination and create your next outdoor building project with landscape timbers.

Garden Border

Create borders for a garden pathway or a flower bed with landscape timbers. Stake the first layer of timbers into the ground using rebar, and then join the second and subsequent rows of the stack to the first with 10-inch timber nails. Stack the timbers 2 or 3 timbers high along the desired perimeter of the border. Landscape timbers are good choices for building a raised gardening bed when the soil on your property is less than desirable. Build the walls of the raised bed to the desired dimensions, and then fill the center with potting soil and compost.


Landscape timber planters are simple to create in a variety of shapes and sizes. Build the side walls for the planter by cutting the timbers to the desired sizes and then stacking them horizontally to the desired height. As with the garden border, timber nails will work to hold the stacked timbers together. Stand the timbers in a vertical row to create a different design, or join them at the ends to make an octagonal planter. Exterior-grade plywood works as the base of the planter; remember to drill holes for drainage. Line the planter with thick plastic sheeting before you add the plants. Puncture the plastic wherever it falls over the drilled drainage holes.


A landscape timber fountain is an attractive addition to yards or gardens. Build a box from landscape timbers as if you were making a planter; drainage holes are not necessary for this project. Create a stand for the box by stacking short sections of landscape timbers side by side vertically. Place a small submersible fountain pump with an attached fountainhead inside the box to create the fountain.

Compost Storage Bin

Another landscape timber project that's simple to create is a compost storage bin. Build three walls for the compost bin by cutting and stacking the landscape timbers to the desired dimensions. Leave the front wall of the bin open so you can remove the compost as needed. This type of compost bin is a good way to store composted material before you use it in the garden.

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