Lawn & Landscaping Power Tools

Power tools make the often time-consuming tasks of lawn and landscaping work easier for homeowners. A host of tools provide do-it-yourself homeowners the option of performing the hardest landscape work using the exact same tools used by professionals. Lawn and landscaping power tools include mowers, multiple types of trimmers and leaf blowers/vacuums for cleaning up the yard area. These types of tools enhance the ability to groom the landscape to present a beautiful look to the home and improve the health of the plants on the property.


The standard gasoline-engine push mower performs the heavy task of mowing the grass once a week during the growing season. Mowers come in both push and riding models. Homeowners tend to choose one or the other based on the size of the lawn. Both feature an adjustable rotating blade that slices grass blades cleanly. The best models feature a mulching capability that cuts grass into small sections and throws these small blades back onto the grass to enrich the soil.

String Trimmer

String trimmers are used to chop down the grass in areas around mailbox posts, lampposts and around garden border areas. These tough power tools run on electric or gasoline engines and can be carried around the property to various locations. String trimmers feature a spool of plastic twine that spins rapidly to form the cutting surface. A curved shield protects the user from debris thrown around by the spinning length of twine.


Power edgers make quick work of enhancing the line between garden and pavement. This landscape tool features a front and back roller to stabilize the tool during movement. These wheels also help the landscaper form a straight line when edging. A sharp rotating blade cuts the edge along the grass/pavement line. Edgers have long handles to limit bending and come in both electric or gas operated models.

Hedge Trimmer

Edge trimmers make quick work of grooming a variety of shrubs and plants in the landscape. Hedge trimmers can be either gas or electric powered and features a series of wide spaced teeth that slice easily through hedge foliage. Most homeowners choose to purchase cheaper electric models for limited use around the residential landscape. Gas-operated hedge trimmers are usually reserved for commercial landscapers.

Chain Saw=

Landscapers typically have to cut through branches, trees, thick hedges and thick sections of ornamental grass. This tough job requires a heavy-duty cutting tool. Chain saws have wide-tooth cutting blades that rotate on a chain. Models include both electric and gas-operated saws that require careful use and regular oiling for maintenance.

Leaf Blower

Gone are the days when landscapers raked an entire front yard multiple times in the fall. Leaf blowers contain a gad or electric engine that blows high velocity air from a long plastic tube. Some models feature attachment bags and a reverse feature to allow the machine to be used to vacuum up leaves or plant debris.

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