What Flowers Are Good for a Fall Wedding?

Weddings that take place in part of September, October, November and part of December are considered fall weddings. The crisper, colder bite in the air and the vibrant oranges, yellows and reds of the deciduous trees, not to mention the profusion of pumpkins at most grocery stores, all signal the change to this season. Just as certain crops become ready in the fall, so do certain flowers.


Hydrangeas have an unmistakable ball-like appearance consisting of many smaller blossoms. They are popular in blue, green and white, according to The Knot, but they come in many other shades and can match plenty of color schemes beyond the harvest hues.


Chrysanthemums, also known simply as mums, have a wide variety of looks. They are often seen in a pompon form or a disk-like form, similar in appearance to daisies. Like hydrangeas, chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors to match many color schemes at a wedding.


Sunflowers in some ways bring to mind the breeziness of the summer months and are a natural connection to sunny summer days. In actuality, they are fall flowers and the color scheme, often yellow with brown center--although orange shades are not hard to find-- fits in to an overall fall color scheme. They are particularly appropriate in the still warm days of September, when summer is only beginning to acquiesce to fall. Black-eyed susans are similar in appearance to sunflowers, although they are often smaller in diameter, and are also available in the fall months.


While not actually a flower, this plant brings in the golden hues of the season and can add a very interesting texture when combined with flowers in the traditional autumn colors of the falling leaves and the harvest. If you want more of a rustic departures from the typical floral wedding displays and bouquets, go for an arrangement made entirely of wheat.

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