Fruit Trees to Grow on a Deck or a Patio

Apartment dwellers and others with little or no yard can still grow fresh fruit on their deck or patio. Dwarf fruit trees have been developed especially for container gardens in almost every climate. While these trees grow to a fraction of their original ancestor's size, the fruit you pick will be exactly the same quality. Plant some fruit trees for your patio, and you'll have a permanent living decoration along with a tasty supply of fresh fruit.

Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are a sour form of orange, with the fruit being sweeter than other varieties of lemon. These trees are attractive for porch or patio, with glossy, green leaves, white blossoms with a fresh fragrance and shiny yellow lemons. Meyer lemons can be grown successfully in containers and can be kept at a size of 5 to 6 feet while still producing a good sized crop. Lemon trees need to be brought inside during months that may freeze, so plant them in containers on wheeled platforms.


Dwarf cherry trees grow very well in containers, especially in more northern climates with definite seasonal changes. The lowest branches are about 2 feet from the roots, and pruning these branches every other year will encourage new branches to grow, producing even more fruit. Dwarf cherry trees can produce up to 15 quarts of fruit in a season. Sour cherries do not need another tree for pollination, but many sweet cherries do. Check with your garden center for the specifics on your variety.


Apples are surprisingly easy to adapt to growing in containers. Proper pruning of the branches and rootstock will keep your apple tree under 8 feet tall, with wide branches and lots of juicy fruit. Many apples need another apple tree for pollination, but not all of them do. Apples do need a certain number of hours per year in temperatures under 45 degrees in order for them to set fruit. Check with your garden center to find out your particular apple's needs if you are in a warmer climate.

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