Home Remedies for Bugs on Garden Vegetable Plants

Protecting your garden vegetables from bugs is necessary if you want to taste the fruits of your labor. Instead of letting hungry bugs dine and dash in your garden, eliminate them with simple home remedies instead of using toxic chemicals that may harm you and your vegetable plants. Remember to thoroughly wash your homegrown garden produce before consuming.

Water Spray

Spray the vegetable plants affected by bugs with a steady stream of water from a hose. This action not only knocks bugs off your plants, but drowns them, too. This method is best used in the early morning or after the sun goes down to prevent unnecessary burning of your tender plants due to the magnification of the sun's rays through the water droplets.

Hand-Pick Bugs

Bugs affecting tomato plants, such as hornworms, need hand-picking. Hornworms are bright green in color and four inches long when they are fully grown. Hornworms are hard to spot as they eat your tomato plants, sometimes killing the plants overnight. To remedy this, fill a jar with water and carry it with you as you examine each tomato plant carefully for hornworms, which are actually caterpillars. When you spot one, grasp the worm by its middle and pull it off your plant and drop it into the water to drown. If you spot a hornworm with what looks like grains of rice along its back, place the horn-worm in a jar, making holes in the lid. The "grains of rice" are actually miniature parasitic wasp eggs, which will hatch and feed on the worm. After feasting, the beneficial parasitic wasps can escape through the holes you make in the lid to carry out their life cycles--killing more hornworms in the process.

Beer Trap

Slugs love beer as much as they love eating plants that belong to the cabbage family. To eliminate your slug problem, take an empty 16 oz. can without a lid and dig a hole large enough to sink it level with the surface of the ground next to your cabbages or other cruciferous vegetables. Fill the can halfway with beer. Slugs will attempt to drink the beer and in doing so, fall into the can, drowning in the beer.

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