Techniques for Mowing the Lawn

If you are one of the people who spend hundreds of dollars a year on your lawn, and work tirelessly to make it beautiful only to have it die, or look patchy there are techniques that will help you. Find out if you are too aggressive, or not aggressive enough, and see what you can do to build a healthier, more beautiful lawn.

Vary Your Path

Make patterns, follow a path you think looks nice, or will get the most coverage for distance traveled as you travel your yard. However, do not drive the same pattern or path every time you mow. Always mowing the grass in the same direction packs the soil so water pools more. It also contributes to the possibility of cutting to short and scalping areas that cause bald spots.

Recycled Grass

Put your grass catcher away. A good mulching mower works much better. There are many nutrients in each blade of grass that feed the lawn. If you have a good mulching system on your mower, it will not look messy or leave clumps on the lawn that could create problems like mold or dead spots.

Keep It Lush

Never mow your grass too short. Depending on the type of grass you need to leave 2.5 to 3 inches of grass on your lawn. This allows grass to thrive, maintain its nutrient levels, and gives your lawn a thick, lush appearance. Avoid scalping your lawn. Even when you have left it grow too long, never take more than 1/3rd of the blade off with one cutting. It is better to mow several times in a short time to get your lawn back to a reasonable level than to take it all at once. Taking too much of the blade shocks the lawn.

Mow Regularly

Mowing frequently in small amounts is the best way to create a healthy lawn. Set up a regular schedule of weekly mowing from spring to fall. Frequent mowing also helps prevent thatch build up, and clumping even without a mulching mower. Because you mow in shorter amounts, more often, the clippings are automatically small enough.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Mowing more often does not have to be a boring, drudgery. Employ your walkman, iPod or other music player to create a good ambiance. The music and rhythm improves your speed makes the job go faster, and the happier atmosphere makes the time pass by quicker too.

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