The Best Hanging Basket Plants

Hanging basket plants create added charm to indoor or outdoor living spaces. Both foliage and flowering plants can be used. Annuals are especially useful for outdoor use. Mixing different types of flowering plants into one basket gives a more dramatic effect. Many indoor hanging choices are foliage plants. According to the University of Illinois Extension Offices website, the first step in planting in baskets is to be sure that healthy seedlings or plants are used from the beginning. Choosing carefully at the nursery is important. Wire baskets with moss work well for outdoor use, and a plastic liner or closed container will work for indoor use.

The Hoya

The hoya plant has star-shaped flowers. It grows well without much fuss, and likes a lot of light. This plant can be grown both inside and out. This plant goes well with trailing plants for beautiful effects on a patio.

The Geranium

The geranium is a perennial, so it grows well inside. The flowers bloom and die off, then rebloom when ready to repeat the process. The foliage remains beautiful even without the blooms. This plant will do fine in a sunny window, or even in a partially shaded area. The geranium works well as a stand alone plant for indoor use.

Trailing Verbena

The trailing verbena plant is a beautiful plant for outdoor hanging baskets. It has blue-violet flowers, and loves full sun. The trailing verbena can be planted in a large hanging basket with other flowers.

The Nasturtium

The nasturtium is a plant that will do well in a basket hung from a patio or other outdoor area. It can be combined with other flowering plants in a large basket. The nasturtium has edible flowers that are great additions to any fresh salad. There are a variety of colors, and the nasturtium is easy to grow and care for.

The Spider Plant

The spider plant is a common houseplant because it is easy to grow and care for. This plant produces babies that can be used to start new plants, enabling the owner to easily create more houseplants. Left in place, these babies will continue to grow and will trail however they are trained. This allows the plant to spread, making it a great option for a hanging basket.

The Pothos

The pothos plant is easy to grow but will have periods where it does not progress for months. This is fine. It will continue its growth when it is ready. The porthos is a foliage plant that cries tears in the mornings. This is a vining plant that can be trained to grow without full sun. The pothos is great in a hanging basket in a back window because it does not need full sun.

The Fuschia

The beautiful flowers that hang from this plant make them an attractive choice for hanging baskets. The plant can be grown inside or out, and it will bloom during the summer months. The green foliage is a nice complement to the brightly colored flowers.

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