The Best Way to Keep Pine Needles Out of the Water Garden Pond


Keeping your water garden pond looking beautiful can be an easy task if you keep up with maintenance. Sometimes pine needles and other debris can enter your pond and make it look cluttered and full. By taking simple steps early, you will be able to keep your pond free of pine needles that may fall at all times. You could also prevent the pond pump and other equipment from clogging. There are many methods you can try to prevent pine needles from falling into your water garden pond.

Keeping Pine Needles Out

Step 1

Use a pond skimmer to collect extra pine needles and other debris that have fallen into the pond. Be sure to do a thorough cleanup of the area you want to clear.

Step 2

Put a fine-grain mesh netting over the pond area. Pond netting can be purchased at garden supplies stores.

Step 3

Make sure the netting is tightly secured over the pond. Place heavy objects at the netting's edge to ensure it doesn't become displaced.

Things You'll Need

  • Pond skimmer
  • Pond netting


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