How to Make a Grow Light Shelf


Making a homemade grow light shelf is an effective way to save money yet grow plants of your choice indoors any time of the year. Grow lights supplement natural light, allowing you to grow plants indoors to get a head start on their production before they appear in the market, or extend their growing period. Use a spare three- or four-tier shelving rack along with two to three grow lights and assemble them to so they form a grow light shelf.

Step 1

Turn your shelving rack upside down and set a caster at the base of one of the poles. Tap it with a mallet until it is locked securely in place. Repeat the procedure to attach each caster at the base of the remaining three poles of the shelving unit. Also position both pieces of each clip that is provided with it directly above every caster and push them together so they lock in place.

Step 2

Position the shelf on its side so its base faces you as you sit. Carefully slide the tops of the poles into the corners of the shelf through the base. Grasp the two upper poles and pull the casters up. Push the shelf down at its corners until it rests over the clips.

Step 3

Consider the height of the plants you want to grow in your shelf to determine where to install the second shelf. Mark the desired spot with a shelf clip. Count the total number of ridges from the lower shelf to the bottom of this clip. Provide the same ridge spacing when attaching the remaining three clips to each of the three poles so your shelf is even and not tilting.

Step 4

Insert the shelf until it rests over the clips and is even. Gently tap the corners of the shelf over the poles so the clips lock and hold it securely. Attach clips 1 to 2 inches below the top of the poles and slide the top shelf over them.

Step 5

Attach a grow light under the middle shelf so it lights plants placed on the lower shelf that are under it. Attach an end of the chain that comes with the grow light to one end of the grow light fixture. Loop the chain several times over the wires on the wire shelf before attaching it to the other end at the same side of the fixture. Repeat the procedure to attach the chain to the other side of the grow light fixture. Also attach a grow light under the top shelf.

Step 6

Slide light tubes into the grow light fixtures and twist them so they are secure. Position the shelf near an electric outlet and set an automatic timer that turns the lights on for 12 to 16 hours a day.

Things You'll Need

  • Three-tier wire shelving rack
  • Four casters
  • Mallet
  • Two grow lights


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