How to Make a Pomander Ball Arrangement Using Fresh Flowers


When we think of pomanders now, most people think of a ball of flowers that can be carried or hung for decorative purposes in the home or at a wedding. But pomanders have a much older history. During medieval times, pomanders were silver containers filled with perfumes for chasing away odors or diseases. By Victorian times, a popular pomander was a clove-studded orange. From this, the pomander morphed into the floral ball that we know today. Follow some steps to make a pomander ball arrangement using fresh flowers.

Step 1

Soak your floral foam ball in a bucket of water for 20 minutes.

Step 2

Measure the diameter of each flower that you are using.

Step 3

Place your saturated floral foam onto a 4-inch flower pot to make a work surface. Carefully poke holes for your flowers in the floral foam that are spaced as far apart as the diameter of each flower that you are using. Your stem holes should be spaced in rows covering the ball.

Step 4

Cut the stems of each of your flowers so that they are 2 inches long. Cut a small length of wire using your wire cutters. Wrap wire around each stem to attach it to a floral pick. Place each flower in a vase of water to keep it fresh while you work.

Step 5

Make a loop with a piece of ribbon to create a handle for your pomander. Stick a hat pin through the loop and insert the hat pin deep into the floral ball to create a handle.

Step 6

Insert each flower by the floral pick into the pre-punctured holes. Work in even rows, inserting the floral picks so that the flowers touch one another around their margins and hide the surface of the floral ball.

Step 7

Store your floral ball in a refrigerator by hanging it from the floral loop to keep it fresh until it Is ready to use.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam ball
  • Bucket of water
  • 4-inch flower pot
  • Measuring tape
  • Fresh flowers
  • Floral picks
  • Craft wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hat pin


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