Types of Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are given as gifts for a variety of occasions, used as decor in the home or for events like dinner parties, weddings or funerals. From tear-shaped arrangements containing exotic blossoms to basic floral arrangements of common blooms, floral arrangements are designed in a variety of styles.

Crescent Arrangements

Crescent arrangements present an asymmetrical shape reminiscent of a crescent moon. Artificial flowers are typically used, as their wire stems anchor into a foam base in order to shape the arrangement properly. However, fresh flowers make fragrant and attractive arrangements when the stems are wrapped in flexible wire before being anchored into the foam base. Sometimes, crescent shaped floral arrangements are achieved without the need for wires and a base. Simply arrange flowers of various stem lengths in an asymmetrical formation in a decorative vase or even a watering can for a rustic effect.

Dome Arrangements

A basic arrangement, the dome floral arrangement offers a symmetrical and fully rounded display of fresh or artificial flowers. Dome arrangements make excellent vase bouquets, but also work in hand held bouquets because of their simple design. A dome shape is achieved by arranging the flowers in a perfectly even and round shape in a vase or wrap.

Triangular Arrangements

Triangular, or equilateral, flower arrangements offer ease-of-viewing from all angles. The topmost point of a triangular arrangement presents itself as the smallest point, and the sides sweep downward and widen in an even triangle shape. The tallest flowers make the tip of the arrangement, and are anchored into a base as the center of the piece. Flowers such as African boxbrush, calla lilies and lavender spikes make excellent central flowers in a triangular arrangements. Surround the central flowers with flowers that have stems of varying lengths to arrange them evenly. A variety of flowers fill the equilateral arrangement.

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