Problems With Citrus Trees

Citrus trees are a rewarding plant but do have numerous problems. In order to ensure a plentiful fruit supply, you should take into consideration the possible problems of the citrus and pay attention to treating and preventing them. Thankfully, nearly all the health problems of the citrus trees have visual symptoms that once identified will lead to a treatment option.

Sun Burn

Citrus trees are sun sensitive. Any portion of the fruit that is exposed for prolonged periods of time to the sun will have its peel, pulp and juice dry out. Furthermore, any exposed area of the trunk will be damaged down to the cambial layer because of sunlight, unless it is properly protected with white latex paint.

Fruit Splitting

Certain varieties including Valencia, Hamlin, navel oranges and Murcott are prone to fruit splitting. Fruit splitting occurs when the peel of the fruit actually opens, leaving the pulp vulnerable to disease and pests. While the cause of fruit splitting is unknown, farmers have observed its repeated occurrence from August through late fall when there is high rainfall and moisture. According to the University of Florida Extension Office, the best means of preventing fruit splitting is ensuring that the tree has ample potassium, as potassium allows the production of thicker skins.

Fruit Drying

Young trees or certain varieties placed on lemon root stalks tend to have premature drying problems. Premature drying problems are most likely to occur if the tree is late blooming, grows excessive amounts of foliage or the fruit is harvested late. Thankfully most trees outgrow the condition once they reach maturity.

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