Ideas for Wedding Bouquets

Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding from the most formal affair to one in a country garden. Other than the wedding gown, the bride's bouquet is the most important part of her ensemble. Flowers appear in corsages, centerpieces and alter arrangements. Enhance the romance with lovely wedding bouquets for the bride and her attendants.

Add a Bit of Glitz

Flowers are lovely by themselves. Amp up their glamour by adding crystals, pearls or metallics to the bouquet. Push a stick pin that's topped with a pearl or crystal into the center of each flower. Add loops of seed pearls into the bouquet as you would another blossom. Place a broach wired to a floral stake into the bouquet. A butterfly pin off to one side adds a bit of bling. Instead of plain ribbon, use metallic-edged ribbons. Beach-themed brides add seashells to their bouquets. The shells can be au natural, sprayed gold, silver or an opalescent cream color. Place shells on the tables at the reception to carry through the theme. Place flowers inside large shells as if they were vases. Spray the flowers or selected flowers with glitter. For example: If the bouquet is made up of roses, carnations, tulips and orchids, spray the roses with white glitter. Repeat the glitter in the bridesmaid's bouquets by spraying the roses in their bouquets with a matching color glitter.

Single Flowers

Flowers like calla, Asiatic or oriental lilies are so stunning, only one flower is needed to make a statement. If the bride carries a white Casa Blanca lily tied with a white ribbon, each bridesmaid could carry a stargazer lily tied with pink. Have the bride carry one spray of orchids, a sunflower, peony or single rose and the bridesmaids carry smaller flowers of the same kind. Or have the bride carry a bouquet of sunflowers and each bridesmaid hold a single sunflower.

Masses of Flowers

Ordinary flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies look extraordinary when lots of flowers are used in the bouquet. Instead of nine or 10 roses in a bouquet mixed with baby's breath and greenery, use two dozen roses all by themselves, tied with ribbon.

Don't Have a Bouquet At All

In lieu of the traditional bouquet, use flowers as an accent on a Bible with ribbon streamers. Carry the flowers loosely arranged in a basket. Pomanders--round balls of floral foam completely covered with blossoms and fastened to a ribbon for carrying--are stunning. Fashion the flowers into a wreath.

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