How to Make a Fresh Flower Cascading Bouquet Using Calla Lily


A cascade bouquet, also known as teardrop or shower bouquet, consists of strategically placed flowers and accents to create a downward sweeping floral arrangement. The cascading effect, which can be achieved in a variety of ways, resembles a formal gown in that it is tapered at the top and wide and free flowing at the bottom. Making a fresh flower cascading bouquet at home offers you the creativity to experiment with a variety of plants to accentuate any formal occasion.

Step 1

Choose flowers that have similar stem lengths. Some stems will be shorter than the others, but make sure each stem is at least 5 inches long.

Step 2

Bundle the three magnolia blossoms together as the central part of the bouquet.

Step 3

Wrap 6 inches of flexible wire around the short stems of the magnolia blossoms, binding them together tightly.

Step 4

Bundle the calla lilies in your hand, and place the wired magnolia blossom cluster in the very center of the bundle. Wrap approximately 7 inches of flexible wire around the bundled flowers to keep them together.

Step 5

Put the four ivy vines together, matching their ends. Squeeze one of the ends of the bundled vines together with your thumb and forefinger.

Step 6

Push the bundled vine ends between the flexible wire wrap and flower stems. If necessary, wrap about 5 inches of wire around the vines and flower stems to further adhere them tightly.

Step 7

Arrange the vines of the bouquet to where they hang freely from the bottom.

Step 8

Tie a basic bow around the bundled plants to conceal the flexible wire wrap and add accent to the floral arrangement. Use three separate ribbons to create three bows around the bouquet.

Step 9

Use the small but fragrant and attractive calla lily cascading bouquet in your wedding, or just for the fun of it. Cascading bouquets, such as this one, symbolize formal occasions, so they are ideal for proms, weddings or a quinceanera.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 magnolia blossoms
  • 6 calla lilies
  • 4 ivy vines (approx. 1 foot long each)
  • 3 silk ribbons (white, pink and red, approx 3 feet each)
  • Flexible jewelry wire
  • Wire cutters


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