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Choosing a garden hose requires the evaluation of basic watering needs. Most gardeners prefer to have hoses attached to all spigots outside the home to limit moving a heavy, bulky garden hose. Coil hoses offer the homeowner a convenient option of a lightweight, compact hose. Coil hoses work best for small-area watering for greenhouses and small gardens. These tightly wound hoses stretch out during watering and self-coil for easy storage once the gardener finishes watering.

Step 1

Evaluate the frequency of watering needed for your gardens before choosing a coiled garden hose. Gardener's caring for plants in small areas such as porches, patios, greenhouses and small gardens benefit from the convenience of a coiled hose. The self-coiling feature and compact design make storing coiled hoses considerably easier than storing a regular garden hose.

Step 2

Consider lower-end models composed of vinyl if you don't want to spend a hefty chunk of change on a garden hose. However, lower quality hoses may crack easily with improper care. Sunlight quickly degrades and dries out a vinyl garden hose so regularly disconnect it from the spigot and store in a shady place. Like most gardening supplies, hose prices elevate as quality increases. Higher priced hoses feature sturdy materials such as rubber or rubber/vinyl composites that won't bend and crack easily.

Step 3

Assess the required length needed to adequately water the planned area of use. Coil hoses typically feature 50-foot lengths that retract to a storage size of 30 to 36 inches. Smaller 25-foot hoses should be reserved for small gardens and greenhouses. Stretching a coiled hose to maximum length repeatedly to water far-reaching portions of the yard will stretch the coil and limit the life of the hose.

Step 4

Consider hose width as well before making a final choice. Coiled hose models include a 3/8-inch hose for dispensing 4 to 5 gallons per minute. Larger 3/8 inch hoses carry 8 to 9 gallons per minute.

Step 5

Decide on your accessories. Some models of coil garden hoses include attached sprayers for watering container gardens and houseplants. Higher end models feature watering extension arms with sprayer attachments for watering hard-to-reach hanging pots and planters. Standard coiled hoses feature brass fittings for easy attachment to outdoor spigots.


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