Small Flower Garden Ideas

Limited space does not necessarily mean you should give up gardening. Use the space properly to grow the types of flowers and plants you like. With careful planning, you can create a small flower garden with a mix of annual, perennial and biennial tall, bushy and cascading flowers and plants to give you endless hours of peace and pleasure. Include different heights and colors for an appealing blend that enhances the appearance of the small flower garden.

Planning and Design

Design the small flower garden on paper first to use the limited available space properly. Make limited space appear larger by creating an oval or kidney-shaped garden as opposed to a small round or square one. Create a symmetrical effect by placing large plants in the center surrounded by smaller ones or in the back with smaller ones in front. Using space effectively like this also allows you to arrange more plants in little available space. Include flower pots in different shapes and designs along with hanging baskets that add interest at varying eye levels. Mix different colored flowers for a dramatic effect.


Use strategically placed containers of different shapes and sizes in your small flower garden. Containers of different heights and shapes are easily available in your local nursery, home department store or garden supply center. Place small flower pots around a large urn or several square or circular planters spaced evenly apart along one side. Grow small plants, trees or ground covers in your containers. Make sure the containers are filled with lightweight porous potting soil as opposed to garden soil that is heavy and does not drain well.


Edge your small garden for a dramatic and well-groomed appearance. Edging demarcates flowerbeds from the lawn and prevents weeds from growing in the flowerbeds. Different types of edging in plastic, metal, wood, tile and stone are available in garden supply centers. Use different shaped rocks, stones or wooden boards if you do not want to invest in edging material. Dig a 4-to-6-inch-deep trench around the flowerbed if installing commercial edging, or simply push stones or rocks into the ground so that the soil holds them in place securely and prevents them from shifting.


Let your creativity flow when decorating your small flower garden. Spread a thin layer of pea gravel over your soil instead of mulch, and edge these with rocks to create an appealing effect. Include a birdbath to attract birds, and add some garden statues for a decorative effect.

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