Types of Funeral Flowers & Bouquets

Funeral flowers and bouquets have been sent to mourning families and funeral homes for visitation, wakes and services for generations. The home gardener or a professional florist will design and arrange these floral pieces from simple bud vases to full casket sprays or hand picked floral foam emblems and shapes. Funeral flowers give mourning family members a distraction to focus on during the long hours of facing the reality of the loss of a loved one during the viewing and funeral service.

Family Floral Pieces

The family of the deceased will order or arrange the more elaborate floral pieces for the funeral. The casket spray or blanket is the focal arrangement, which is placed on the end or center of the casket. A pillow of blossoms will be set near the head of the casket. A custom ordered floral rosary, heart, military emblem, bible, cross or casket insert is often placed inside the upright lid of the open casket. Smaller, elegant floral pieces will be displayed with a cremation urn that is centered on a table at the funeral. These family floral pieces are usually made with roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, chrysanthemum poms, carnations and other in-season flowers.

Flowers from Friends

Friends of the bereaved can order or design floral bouquets in baskets, vases or papier mache cemetery containers in a variety of sizes. A standing spray or wreath of flowers from an entire family or group of friends can be set up on an easel for a striking display. Arrangements and sprays can be made from any selection of garden or cut flowers including gladiolus, snapdragons and carnations. A glass bud vase with a spray of orchids, trio of carnations or a single rose in full bloom is appropriate for a goodbye from a close friend of the deceased.

Floral Tributes from Associates

Floral arrangements in containers or baskets are appropriate for the funeral of a fellow church member, volunteer group, club member or business associate. A spray of flowers can be ordered from a company or a group of co-workers. Custom orders can be done to recreate emblems for a professional business logo, club, firefighter, military, law enforcement or public service emblem. Logo and emblem pieces are designed on foam shapes and created with rose, chrysanthemum or carnation blooms. Ribbon and additional flowers are added to give the pieces a finished look. Tractor trailers, fire trucks, fish and animals are some of the shapes used for custom orders that reflect a business, volunteer position or hobby.

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