How to Keep Raccoons Out of Gardens


Raccoons enter gardens at night to feed on fresh produce. They especially love tender corn. These garden pests often destroy the entire corn plant, tearing ears from the stalk and breaking stems. Preventing them from entering the garden in the first place is the most effective means of controlling raccoons, because once they taste fresh produce, they return nightly until the crop is destroyed.

Step 1

Erect an electrical fence around the border of the garden. According to the University of Missouri Extension, an electrical fence provides the best protection from raccoons because they dig under or climb over ordinary fencing.

Step 2

String two wires on insulated posts around the perimeter of the garden. Place one wire at a height of 8 inches and the second wire at a height of 12 inches.

Step 3

Activate the electrical fence at dusk and turn it off during the day, while these nocturnal animals sleep.

Tips and Warnings

  • Purchase electrical fence designed for repelling animals and always follow directions for installation. Post warnings near the fence to alert others to the presence of electricity. Keep children and pets away from it.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric fence (stakes, wires, installation tools)


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Who Can Help

  • Colorado State University Extension: Chemical, Visual and Auditory Repellents
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