Creative Floral Arrangement Ideas

One of the benefits of gardening is fresh flowers for all the rooms in the house. When planning your cutting garden, be creative with your color choices; include deep colors in jewel tones, unusual colors and perhaps some exotic flowers. Pluck flowers from bushes and trees as well for unusual arrangements. Use containers that are unexpected for a unique touch.

Unusual Containers

Look outside the standard vases, jars and glasses for containers that will make the arrangement stand out. The container doesn't have to be waterproof. Place a watertight container inside the outer container or line it with plastic and stuff it with floral foam to hold the flowers. Try tea pots, coffee pots and baskets for kitchen arrangements. Float blossoms in crystal glasses or bowls. Children's toys make cute vases. Water filled floral picks holding large flowers such as peonies, Gerbera daisies or hydrangea arranged among a basket of living houseplants brings the outside garden look inside.

Deep Colors

Flowers cover the whole spectrum of the rainbow. Often floral arrangements are either primary colors with reds, blues and yellows; pastels of pinks, light blue, purples and pale yellows or one color mixed with white. Deep colored flowers are striking when one type of flower is massed in a vase. Contrast the vase's color with the flowers or match them. Tulips, orchids and roses bloom in a deep burgundy. Iris, delphiniums and hyacinths come in sapphire blue. Cosmos, Nicotiana 'Chocolate Smoke', chrysanthemums and Dahlia 'Karma Choc' are all a rich chocolate brown.

Green Flowers

Green is not a color often found in the flowers themselves. A bouquet of all green is cooling, calming and creative. Combine hellebores and phalaenopsis orchids in the center of the arrangement. Use jade roses in the palest green to anchor the bouquet, bells of Ireland to give it height. Fill in with tree fern in the back and a ruffle of anthurium around the edges. Place these flowers in a white, cream or pale green vase.

Fruits and Flowers

Hollow out small fruits like apples, oranges, lemons and grapefruits to hold a single flower or small bouquets. Fill the fruit with flowers in the same color family. Wire fruits to wooden skewers or floral picks and place throughout the bouquet as if they were another flower. Drape grapes over the edge of the vase. Inedible berries found in the floral department add an interesting shape. Try yellow chrysanthemums with red grapes, Craspedia, Chinese lantern and orange tulips for a fall arrangement. Use green grapes, pink larkspur, lady apples and deep purple iris for a spring arrangement.

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