Ideas for Sympathy Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are a traditional way to show sympathy for a family or person who is suffering from the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, the floral arrangement is sent to the home. In other instances, the flowers are meant to be displayed at the funeral or memorial service. There are no right or wrong ways to arrange flowers to express understanding and sympathy. Instead, think of the person being honored and choose something that will be meaningful to the family.

Shaped Arrangements

Instead of focusing on the choice of flowers, some people opt to arrange the flowers in a special design. This could be a cross or rosary for families who have strong religious beliefs, or a simple heart, or even the initials of the deceased. Take into consideration the source of the beliefs, however. An arrangement in the shape of a cross is not suitable for religions that do not believe in the resurrection of Christ. Or, create a personalized shape. Perhaps the loved one played sports and had a jersey number--arrange the flowers in the shape of that number. Finally, a traditional circle-shaped wreath is always lovely. Most florists can use a number of different materials to easily arrange flowers in a certain shape or style.

Meaningful Blooms

Create an arrangement of flowers that have a special meaning. Perhaps the deceased had a favorite color, such as yellow. Choose several different flowers that are shades of yellow and arrange them in a cheery yellow basket. If the loved one had a favorite type of flower, such as tulips, create an arrangement consisting of that flower. Another idea is to choose a flower that represents a favorite place. If the deceased enjoyed traveling to Hawaii, for example, try an arrangement that includes hibiscus, which is the official state flower of Hawaii.

Traditional Choices

Lilies are often chosen for sympathy floral arrangements, especially if they are white. These flowers represent the resurrection of Christ in the Christian religion, and signify the hope of seeing the loved one again in heaven. Roses, with their beauty, fragrance and elegance, are also a traditional way of honoring a deceased loved one. Try creating a beautiful arrangement consisting of white lilies and roses.

Living Arrangements

Some people enjoy planting a plant, such as a small tree, shrub or perennial flower, as a reminder of their loved one. Consider creating an arrangement composed of one or more potted plants. Blooming houseplants such as begonias are both beautiful and hardy. Simply tie a ribbon around the pot and add a sympathy card. Consider also placing a small potted tree in the center of a basket and surrounding the tree with annual bedding flowers such as primroses or pansies for a beautiful and practical living flower arrangement.

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