Types of Flowers in Sweden

Sweden is located far north in the Northern Hemisphere. Because of this, and because Sweden is a very long country with a north-south orientation, the growing season in Sweden ranges from less than 120 days in the North to over 240 days in the South. The last frost of the season ranges from April 1 in the South to June 15 in the North. Even with this short growing season, Sweden is home to a wide range of flowers.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a perennial flower that grows in Sweden. Lily of the valley has waxy, bell-like fragrant flowers. The flowers on the lily of the valley grow on upright spikes. This plant has large, oval leaves that die down to the ground every fall. Lily of the valley grows up to 8 inches tall.


Forget-me-not are the provincial flower of Dalsland. Over 50 varieties of flowers are considered forget-me-nots. Many of these varieties have flat blue flowers with 5 petals. Some varieties, however, have white flowers. They grow in clusters on thick stems. Forget-me-not varieties grow best in well-draining soils that have a lot of organic matter. Forget-me-nots grow to between 18 and 24 inches high.

European Globeflower

European globeflowers grow in the moist woods and mountain pastures of Sweden. European globeflower grows about 2 feet tall on a stem that is hollow and smooth, branching as it grows upward. Each branch has a single yellow flower. The leaves of this plant are segmented into 5 indented sections.


Twinflower, or Linnaea borealis, has small, bell-shaped flowers that smell a lot like vanilla. The flowers of this plant grow on Y-shaped stems that seldom grow taller than 6 inches. These flowers generally grow in the moist soil under the shady forest canopy in many parts of Sweden.

Yellow Lady Slipper

The yellow lady slipper is an orchid that grows in the wet undergrowth of Swedish forests. The yellow lady slipper's flower is around 1 inch long and is very fragrant. The yellow lady slipper grows to between 4 and 28 inches tall and usually has 3 to 5 green leaves that grow up from the root ball with the flower growing up through the center of the leaves.

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