How to Blend Clover Seeds & Starter Fertilizer


White and red clover will grow well on poor soils. Giving the seed an extra boost through starter fertilizer is often a choice for placing the seed on extremely poor soils. The seeds, once germinated, will benefit greatly from the addition of some fertilizer applied at the time of broadcasting. The size of clover seed may be slightly smaller than the fertilizer, but most seed broadcasting devices can handle both for good coverage.

Step 1

Mix the correct amounts of clover seed to fertilizer in a separate container. Use 2 lbs. to 4 lbs. of clover seed to 1 lb. of 20-60-20 fertilizer for every acre. Incorporate the seed and granule fertilizer well. The clover seed may tend to fall to the bottom of the container; keep it mixed when adding into the seed broadcaster.

Step 2

Pour some of the mixed seed and fertilizer into the seed broadcaster.

Step 3

Broadcast the seed and fertilizer mix over the area. You may wish to overlap the areas slightly. Watering is not necessary as normal spring rains will cause the seeds to germinate, and the fertilizer to work its way into the soil.

Step 4

Reseed without fertilizer if some areas have not produced small clover plants after four weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Mixing container
  • Seed broadcaster


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