Preparing Fennel


Many people pass fennel in the produce section of the grocery not knowing exactly what it is. All parts of the fennel plant are edible and have a slight licorice taste. Fennel can be eaten raw in salads or cooked, much like celery, in soups and stews. Fennel is loaded with vitamin C having almost 20 percent of the daily recommended amount in a single cup and only has 25 calories.

Step 1

Cut away any stalks from the fennel bulb using a sharp knife. Save these stalks for soups and stews, as they can be tough depending on the age of the fennel.

Step 2

Peel away the outer layers of the bulb until you reach the white creamy center.

Step 3

Cut away the root end of the fennel bulb by slicing the root away approximately 1/4 inch from the tip of the bulb.

Step 4

Cut the fennel bulb in half, lengthwise. From here, you can slice the bulb into strips or chop it much like an onion for use in salads or other dishes.

Step 5

Toss raw fennel into salads, including green salads and chicken or tuna salads for a different take on an old favorite. Use fennel to replace celery or onions in stew or soups.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife


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