Wrist Corsage Ideas

A wrist corsage, also known as a mini bouquet, is an arrangement of up to six medium to large flowers, or eight to nine small blooms, that is attached to an elastic band or ribbon and adorned on the wrist. Women wear wrist corsages at weddings, formal receptions, prom night, birthdays or any type of occasion. There are many ways you can use fresh or silk flowers to create a beautiful corsage.

Single Flower Corsage

Trim excess length off one large bloom in the color of your dress or the theme of the occasion. Structure it with several ferns around two of its sides if you want extra color, or leave it alone for a dramatic effect. Tie it to a wide complementing or contrasting ribbon or elastic band and wear it at an occasion. Use a calla lily, peony, gerbera daisy, camellia, sunflower or any large bloom. Depending on the occasion, use a light colored bloom such as a pale pink rose with a celadon ribbon for a coffee morning or baby shower, and a vibrant pink peony set against a black or deep blue velvet ribbon for a dinner or party.

Multiple Flowers

Use three to five identical flower blooms to create a larger corsage. Cross stems of two flowers so the blooms face opposite directions and bind the intersection with floral tape. Add remaining blooms around these to cover the tape, and secure their stems with tape as well. Attach this larger corsage to a narrow or dull colored ribbon or band so the flowers stand out and make a loud statement.

Varied Corsages

Mix different flower blooms for varied color and texture, and enhanced appeal and interest. Cross stems of two large central flower blooms and tape the intersection. Add similar or complementing colored tight rose buds or small blooms such as miniature carnations around them. Also add foliage such as delicate baby's breath, ferns, looped bear grass or lemon leaves around the flowers to help structure the corsage, conceal the elastic band or ribbon and give it a rich background. Dust flower edges with glitter for added shimmer, or glue small beads to open blooms for added effect.

Silk Flowers

Use silk flowers if your corsage if you do not have access to real one. Use one or two large blooms as central flowers, surrounded by several smaller blooms or buds. Add foliage around the flowers for enhanced color, or tiny sprays of crystal on plastic wire for a whimsical touch.

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