Types of Off-White Flowers

Flowers come in all colors of the rainbow. Some even border on black or brown because they're such an intense shade of purple. Flowers bloom in colors to be attractive to pollinators. The color we see is not necessarily the color the insect sees. Very rarely is a flower pure white; most are a shade of off-white.


Annuals are flowers that grow for only one season. Their seed falls to the ground or is carried away by animals and birds and sprouts the next season. Petunias, larkspur, snapdragons, alyssum and candytuft all come in off-white as well as other colors. Angel's trumpets is a bush about 3 feet high with trumpet-shaped white flowers 6 inches long and intensely scented.


Unlike annuals which live for one glorious season, perennials come back year after year in the same spot. They also flower and produce seeds. New plants from seed don't bloom the first year, bloom sparsely the second year and then come into their own after that. Shasta daisies, hollyhocks, columbine, geranium and hydrangeas all come in off-white. Some hydrangeas bloom in white and then change to a different color the flowers matures.


New seedlings of biennials don't bloom the first year. They die back to the roots and then rejuvenate themselves in the spring and bloom the second year. The plant then dies. The herb parsley is a biennial and has white flowers that resemble Queen Anne's lace.


Jasmine, clematis and honeysuckle are vines that bloom in white. Jasmine also comes in light pink, honeysuckle in red, yellow and pink and clematis in purples and pinks.

Bulbs, Corms and Tubers

Like other flowers these types also set seed. Unlike other flowers the bulb holds an embryonic plant with in it. Corms and tubers hold the genetic code for the plant. Off-white flowers from bulbs include daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, day lilies, Asian lilies and Oriental lilies. Gladiolus and freesia grow from corms. Begonias grow from tubers. All these flowers bloom in off-white as well as other colors.


Magnolia is probably the flower people think of when they think of a tree that flowers in white. Pears, cherries, and crab apples bloom in white as well.


Roses are classified as perennials but gardeners put them in a class by themselves. White roses come in miniature with flowers the size of a quarter, climbing roses, tea roses, and cabbage roses with flowers that are nearly the size of a hand, old roses and modern roses. Some white roses are highly scented while others have little scent at all.

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