How to Install Metal Landscape Edging


Edging defines a specific portion of your lawn or garden and gives the landscape a neat and well-groomed look. Edging material such as metal, plastic, wood and concrete are available, allowing homeowners to purchase according to their budget and taste. Metal landscape edging is an excellent choice because it is durable, long-lasting and has a modern and contemporary look about it. It is easy to install and does not necessarily require professional assistance.

Step 1

Remove rocks, stones or plant debris from the area you want to edge. Collect these in a wheelbarrow or tarp and discard.

Step 2

Mark the area you want to edge with a garden hose, spray paint or powdered chalk and measure it to determine how much metal landscaping edging you need. Most metal edging is available in 10-foot lengths.

Step 3

Dig a 4- to 6-inch-deep trench that is as wide as the edging material over the marked line with a shovel. Tamp the base of the trench with the back of a shovel so it is level. Collect the dirt in a wheelbarrow if the trench is small, make mounds near it and use in other parts of your lawn, or discard appropriately.

Step 4

Push the metal edging into the dirt until 1/2 inch of the top rounded edge is visible above ground level. Cut excess edging length off with a hacksaw. Make sure the stake pockets face the insides of the landscaped beds, opposite the lawn.

Step 5

Insert stakes into the stake pockets provided in the edging every 2 feet. Hammer them down so they penetrate the ground.

Step 6

Walk the length of the edging after installation and look for holes or gaps between the sides of the trench and the metal edging. Fill these with soil and tamp it down. Sprinkle water over the soil to help settle it down so it holds the metal edging better.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Wheelbarrow or tarp
  • Garden hose or powdered chalk
  • Shovel
  • Metal edging stakes
  • Hammer
  • Garden hose


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