How Do I Propagate Grapevines?


Grape vines are one of the easiest vines to propagate with cuttings. This is a process of taking cuttings from an existing healthy vine and rooting them. The dried sticks will develop buds that will swell and grow while the bottom of the stick will develop roots. Since grape vines have to be pruned each year, you should be able to collect plenty for your own vineyard.

Step 1

Cut sections of vine that are about the thickness of a pencil and 8 to 10 inches in length. Find vines that have four to six buds along their length. Trim off any side shoots and tops that may be too thin. Cut the sections 1/4 inch from the buds.

Step 2

Place the cuttings into a container of warm water after you are done getting them trimmed and cleaned up. Make sure you place the right end down or the buds will have to grow upside down. If you look at the cuttings, the buds should be pointing upwards.

Step 3

Fill an 8- to 10-inch tall container with the rooting mixture. Make sure it has drainage holes so the cuttings are not sitting in water. Dampen the soil and then poke holes in it with a stick or with one of the cuttings. You can plan on setting several cuttings in one container. Each stick will only need a 2-inch area of space.

Step 4

Push the cuttings 6 inches into the holes and press the sand in around them. This should bury two to three of the buds and leave one or two above the soil line. Water the cuttings again and place the whole container into a large plastic bag. This will provide the humid atmosphere needed to keep the sand from drying out too quickly.

Step 5

Set the covered container in a warm and sunny area to grow for the next six weeks. When you see signs of growth, remove the plastic and water only as needed to keep the soil moist. You will know the cuttings have rooted when you give them a slight tug and they don't slip out of the soil.

Step 6

Plant the rooted cuttings outside when the weather is warm. They will grow rapidly after getting established in their new site.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Rooting container
  • Sand/peat moss mix (1:1)
  • Large plastic bag


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