The Best House Plants

One of the best ways to bring the atmosphere of the outdoors indoors is by decorating a home with house plants. Although there are many types of house plants that can beautify a home, some are more suitable than others. While some plants are excellent for going extended time periods without watering, others are better for removing harmful toxins from the air. Others such as the snake plant are more insect resistant.

Angel Ivy Topiary

Angel ivy topiary, also known as wire vine, is a fast-growing plant that grows to about a 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide, according to Different Kinds of Caution should be used in either under or over watering it as this plant doesn't tolerate too much or too little water. Spider mites are common pest problem, so dried up leaves should be pulled out when found. These plants need bright, but indirect light and should be fed fertilized every three months.

English Ivy

English ivy house plants are not only easy to grow, but are also ideal for removing harmful toxins from the air. They come in both dark green and variegated colors of various sizes, making an attractive house plant that is often placed on bookcases and shelves. When positioned in a naturally lit area that has enough light for reading, this plant will grow. English ivies should be watered weekly and fed with plant food. They also need a systemic insecticide in the form of ready-to-use granules, giving protection against insect pests.

Cactus Combo Bonsai

A cactus combo bonsai is a perfect way to bring a southwestern flavor to a home. These miniature plants are one of the most popular house plants because they're succulents, which are able to go for long periods of time without watering. Over watering places this cactus in danger because plant rotting usually occurs. They grow to about 6 to 8 inches high and do better in bright light, according to Disabled These succulent plants are ideal for tabletops or windowsills. They're also known for their beautiful foliage.

Ponytail Palm

The pony palm is one of the best house plants mainly because it is able to live for an entire year without water. The plant's unusual swollen truck can contain enough water to maintain the plant's health, so all it needs is a good lighting source. It's able to tolerate direct sun, adding to its very low maintenance. Older pony palms are even able to still produce creamy white flowers in clusters.

Braided Ficus Tree

The braided ficus tree is a popular house plant because of its low maintenance. It grows anywhere from 2 to 6 feet, according to Disabled Braided ficus trees are known for their dark green leaves and braided stems. This plant needs bright indirect light and consistent moisture to thrive. Keeping the braid in the tree is optional. When braided it's similar to a common three-stranded braid. This is a hardy tree able to tolerate low lighting indoors. When it receives enough sunlight, it will grow exceptionally large, so pruning is needed.

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