How to Decorate With Tropical Flowers


Decorate any occasion such as a wedding, birthday or tea party or a coffee morning with brightly-colored tropical flowers such as calla lilies, birds of paradise, gardenias and orchids. You can also liven up your bedroom or living room with a few tropical cut flowers displayed in a matching vase or container. These flowers spruce up a spot with their brightly colored petals and strong presence, and some last for as many as 45 days in a vase without losing color or texture.

Step 1

Select tropical flowers according to the theme of the event. Long-stemmed flowers and foliage such as ferns will help structure the arrangement.

Step 2

Select a vase to complement the color of your tropical flowers and the décor of the room you want to display it in. Add a layer of colored marbles or sliced citrus to the base of a clear glass or crystal vase to enhance interest and appeal.

Step 3

Pour water into the vase or container until 3/4 full. Determine the appropriate stem length and trim the excess off with a sharp pair of scissors at a 45-degree angle before inserting each flower into the vase.

Step 4

Create a beautiful tropical flower centerpiece to decorate your summer wedding or a special event. Hold six red anthuriums, ensuring their buds face different directions, and add several white or orange orchids between them. Also add greenery such as two fern fronds around the flowers.

Step 5

Hold the arrangement securely, 2 to 3 inches below the buds as you wrap green floral tape around the stems. Knot wide ribbon around the stems in a bow and lower the arrangement in a centerpiece vase or container.

Step 6

Display your tropical flowers strategically so visitors appreciate their beauty. Decorate a cake by placing several tropical flowers over the icing on each tier, or laying them around the cake on the serving dish. Decorate the guest sign-in table with your tropical flower arrangement for a beach-themed wedding, or display a small arrangement as the centerpiece on every dining table.

Things You'll Need

  • Birds of paradise
  • Ferns
  • 6 red anthuriums
  • White or orange orchids
  • Vase
  • Colored marbles or sliced citrus
  • Water
  • Sharp scissors
  • Green floral tape
  • Wide ribbon


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