Creative Ideas for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a popular choice for gardeners with limited space, or those interested in dressing up a porch or gazebo. These distinct containers are displayed at an eye-catching height, making them the ideal location for showing off a particularly artful display of plants. Try incorporating some new, creative ideas for your hanging baskets to achieve a look that is sure to garner envy from your neighbors.

Edible Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are typically home to a selection of trailing flowers, but these containers can be used for edible plants as well. A hanging basket filled with vegetables and herbs is attractive, fragrant and useful. Dwarf varieties of sprawling vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and peas are best suited to this type of container, as they can spill over the edges. A variety of greens such as lettuce and Swiss chard can be added to the center of the basket, and herbs including basil, cilantro and parsley will fill out the gaps. Select an assortment of vegetables that work well together to make your favorite salad or side dish. For a sweeter basket, you can also grow strawberries and mint in hanging baskets for mouthwatering summer desserts.

Romantic Basket

Depart from a palette of bright, bold colors for your basket and instead opt for a display that is soft and romantic. Verbena, begonias and petunias can be found in an array of soothing pastel colors. Select varying shades of rose, silvery violet and white. Sweet alyssum can add a delicate note of pink. Fuchsia are another option, with their distinct hanging blossoms. Asparagus fern fills out this design well with its feathery spray of soft green.

Houseplant Vacation

For a selection of hanging basket plants that won't cost you a dime, try moving some of your houseplants outdoors for a little vacation. Keep them in a shady area such as the porch beneath an awning. If you house any of your indoor plants in hanging baskets already, the transition will be even easier. Be sure to check whether your particular houseplant can withstand the outdoor temperatures of your climate during the summer. Varieties such as begonias typically do very well. When the weather begins to get colder, bring your plants back in for the winter season.

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